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Join us on a special side-campaign in the Savage Worlds RPG system! We will sometimes record and release other game systems outside of our normal DnD release schedule. There’s no set schedule for these episodes, they’ll come when they come. Feel free to skip these if you’re not interested!

The party ventures into the now altered ship and meet some strange beings…

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  • Lee A

    So one thing that happened in this combat that threw it off was the grenade. Initially Stephen had it take out all the scientists and wound the alien, but then he remembered about the “shaken” rule and retconned them to all still be up. Problem was though that on their next turn he didn’t resolve the shaken condition from the grenade, he just had them attack, which was the volley that severely injured Sexton and wounded the Captain. So I mean now it’s way too late to go back and fix these issues but this should just be kept in mind for future grenade shenanigans.