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2 thoughts on “Party Roll – S2E41 – St. Party’s Day Massacre

  • Lee A

    In this combat Vanessa proved herself to know her character well despite her intoxication. When she got hit with a critical for 20 damage she remembered that she had a Dodge ability from being a rogue. The party tried to look it up under Cunning Action and since Cunning Action is a bonus action they decided it can’t be applied in this situation, which is a correct ruling involving that ability, but what she was referring to was the 5th level rogue ability “Uncanny Dodge” which allows her to use her Reaction (so once per turn and only when it’s not her turn) to halve the damage from any incoming attack, so in this case the critical would have hit as normal but just dealt 10 damage. She was later healed by the Deva before that fight so Fumbles didn’t get killed or anything I’m just letting y’all know that this definitely is a thing and she could have used it in this situation. It’s a very useful ability for Rogues that go in with melee weapons because of this very situation (being hit by a critical).