Party Roll – S2E10 – Nightbrawlers

The party makes the best use of their night in town before heading to the mainland.

Party Roll Recipes:

A Whiskey Thick – Mix 1 part whiskey with 2 parts whipped cream. Pour over ice.

Country Cream Pie – Eat 1 entire cream pie of your choice. Start chuggin a cheap whiskey of your choice. You’ll know when to stop.

Shredded Gin and Tonic – Make a gin and tonic. Garnish with shredded cheddar cheese.

Tequlia Funrise – Aztec brand tequila poured over french onion cream cheese. Served in a cold corn tortilla.

Breakfast of Champions – Leave a can of Coors Light and some heavy cream out over night. Mix them together 1:1. Chug.

Non Dairy Steamer – Warm up a tall cup of Vodka in a microwave. Add powdered coffee creamer to taste.

Gin and toxic – Run room temperature gin through used coffee grounds and filter. Garnish with splenda.

Bud Rice – Bring Bud Ice malt liquor to boil, add rice, simmer for 10 minutes. Don’t drain.

Egg White Russian – Make a white Russian with Egg Whites instead of milk.

A Barfirita – Make a margarita, add two shots of Bailey’s serve in one of those stone salsa bowl things, top with cottage cheese and Crest Oral B Enamel Health Toothpaste.

The Te-killa – Tequila and scotch, shaken and poured into a glass filled with chilled old pennies

Pepperpeach – Water from the bottom of that slightly clogged urinal every bathroom has, add a shot or two of off-brand peach schnapps, pour into pig-shaped salt shaker, gently lay a single layer of fresh toilet paper on the surface, finish by sprinkling a bit of pepper from the salt shakers twin

Ex-wrestler – Mix equal parts Fireball Whiskey and lemon juice. Pour into discarded malt liquor bottle with 2 egg whites and shake vigorously. Rim bottle mouth with paprika.

Tackling Fuel – Drink Natty Light until you think it’s normal to try and wrestle with everyone. Then get mad when people act like you are weird.

*Actual Recipe* Black Mob – 1:1 tequila & baileys, squeeze in lime slice, puke on kitchen floor and fall asleep on toilet.

Russian Flapjack – Make pancake mix with vodka instead of water. Layer the batter with syrup and molasses. Best served warm as a shot.

Gintle Kiss Goodnight – Drink an entire bottle of Gin in one sitting. Kiss someone upside the head with the empty bottle.

Whistlin’ Dixie – Chug a full tall boy of your choice through the gap where your incisors used to be.

Whiskey Sandwich – Soak bread, ham, turkey, cheese and chips in whiskey over night. Put the mush together on a plate and consume. Add mustard and mayo to taste.

Raw Dawg – 40oz of Red Dawg malt liquor poured over a 12 oz bowl of uncooked beef cubes. Serves up to three.

Morning After – Attempt to use a warm bottle of whiskey as a contraceptive. Drink what comes out as you don’t want to be wasteful.

Hair of the Dog – Scrape the leftover bloody mary from the sides of your blender you left out all night, don’t pick out the hair from your pets that have been licking the top of the blender for several hours. Fry this up into a hardened cake while toasting bread till black. Put your haircake on the toast and eat. Toast must be burnt for maximum carbon benefit.

The Health Nut – Put yogurt and granola in a mason jar to eat after your drive to work. Slam on your brakes after nearly getting into a car accident so it rolls under your seat and you forget about it. Consume after several weeks of brewing into a fermented penicillin like substance.


Hope these help! Thanks for listening.

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