Party Roll – 15 – Wrassle in the Castle 1 comment

We continue to learn how to play D&D, yay for learning! We give a small sad shoutout to PathGuy. Seth’s hat lust grows to TF2 levels, but takes a beating. Whiz Ard proves that he’s THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST and could solo this entire campaign. A scary creature appears! Grick and Seth tag team a Drow. Tekno Viking gives a Spin Punch Final Goodbye.
Thanks for listening! Your ears are comfy.

Playing DnD 5E — Lost Mine of Phandelver | @party_roll |

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One thought on “Party Roll – 15 – Wrassle in the Castle

  • alan the part time wizard

    A thumbs up for a fun podcast to listen to! My friends and I started a box set with the dwarf cleric and myself as the Wiz Ard… my elf is rocking 5th level right now and our group just took on a oni. I listen for fun but also to get ideas from the great Wiz Ard on being a better magic user!